RentPBX.com, LLC is an IP-PBX hosting company where you can choose a wide selection of PBX systems based on open source projects.

We strive to help you concentrate on your VOIP project by providing all your VOIP PBX needs in an affordable manner. At RentPBX.com, LLC, we take care of the hardware acquisition, software installation, bandwidth allocation and server maintenance. To ensure that you can work with IP termination of your choice, we have our PBXs device neutral.

Backed by expertise and more than ten years' experience in PBX system, RentPBX.com, LLC was founded in Kenmore, Washington to help businesses and hobbyists with these conveniences in their PBX endeavors.

We commit to provide the best service to our customers. We also make every effort to listen to our customers' needs. We realize that our customers are our biggest assets. One of our ways to achieve this is by continuing to diverse our server locations and our product offerings to meet our customers' expectations.

A simple, agile and secure Asterisk PBX system. It is easy to upgrade to match your needs. We are a preferred partner of PBX in a Flash. We also offer all colors of PIAF PBX. Also IncrediblePBX 2021 64-bit.
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An easy to install, streamlined and secure Asterisk PBX built by Schmooze Com Inc. and FreePBX community. It has open source modules, addons and variety of powerful commercial modules. FreePBX 15 64-bit now available.
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A solution for calling card providers.
It features self-contained billing with capabilities of preparing and sending out invoices along with accepting payments through several payment service providers. Performance reporting and statistics are also made easy with this platform.
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A call center suite that accommodates a full featured predictive dialer. It is an enterprise class call center solution that is suitable for users around the world with its multi-language capabilities.
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A complete PBX system that allows CRM integration. It also comes with IM Server, calling card system, calendaring system, etc. Elastix 5 now here.
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Save Money
You can save $200/year or $16.68/month of your electrical power by renting your IP-PBX hosting with us.* You also do not have to worry about cost for hardware acquisition. All of these for only $19.99/month** to get a full featured IP PBX system with unlimited trunks and extensions you can have.
* Based on 14.28 cents per kwh and on
a 160W usage
** With coupon
Save Time
We handle all the complex setup and hardware maintenance for your PBX Server.
We guarantee you'll get the best connections available without wasting your time shopping around.
Open System
Bring your own device to use with your PBX. Select your own provider and connect it to your IP-PBX.
Low Risk
We have 7-day-money back guarantee for you to try our service.* If you are not satisfied with our service within 7 days of your first order, we shall refund your payment in full.
* Valid for first time customer only.
Service is great, customer service is wonderful and pricing beats 99% of the rest.- travis h.

...amazing place...great service, amazing price and you get every pennies worth. I highly recommend RentPBX.com, LLC - thaddius j.

Slow down a bit, you are too fast! Great service, Thanks! - Tim P.

I appreciate all the tips getting me of the ground. Thanks again - Kurt.

I have used about every company on the net and by far Rent PBX is the best there is best there was and best there will ever be. - callcenterguy.

Thank you for your quick email. Your company provisioning and support efficiency is just amazing!! - Jackie.

Best Hosted PBX period! - speedy2k.

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- 4CPUs 3000Mhz - 4096MB^ Ram - 400GB Traffic per month.* - 80GB^ of disk space - Zaptel/DADHI devices to support the operation of Music-on-hold (MOH) and conferencing (Meetme)
- Raid system for redundancy - 1 Public IP Address - SSH root access - Secure System with Firewall/ Fail2Ban - 100% Network Uptime Guarantee - Instant Setup with Paypal or Google Checkout
* With 400GB Traffic per month, Using ulaw(g711 ) codec, you can have about 5 active calls 24x7x30 days. Over bandwidth fee is $0.50/GB.
^ For limited time only, on our new 64-bit plan.