If you are in trouble or need help configuring your PBX, please be assured that you are not left alone. We, at RentPBX.com, LLC, also offer paid services to help our clients with their PBX projects. Our rate is $150/hr. We shall provide a time estimate prior to starting our work when possible. Here are some of the work that we can provide include:

Asterisk/FreePBX configuration.
We can help you configuring your PBX. All you have to do is give us the requirements that you want and let us do the PBX configuration for you.

Asterisk/FreePBX troubleshooting.
If you are stuck and need help with your PBX project, we shall help find a solution for you.

Asterisk custom programming.
We can help you write custom dial plan, AGI script to intergrate asterisk with any proprietary system.

Securing and Hardening PBX.

A2Billing configuration.

If you have any other custom requests or questions,
please feel free to send us a note at sales@rentpbx.com